Monday, September 29, 2008

You Paid 50 Dollars for a book?!

Yeah, I got classy roommates.

He was joking, I think.

But, no I only paid $34.14 from Amazon and it's basically awesome.

I plan on doing one of these recipes while I wait for Under Pressure. We will see how it goes.

In other news I did a little maintenance and fixed some images that were loading very large images and scaling them down. Now they are only slightly larger and should load much faster. Yes I could make them exactly the same size as they are displayed at and save your precious bandwidth but its not thaaaaaat much more and I am terribly lazy and want to use my Flickr account to store them and save MY precious bandwidth.

On a side note my previous post saw me wishing that the salmon I got was in fact wild. Well it turns out that it IS wild but it may not really be salmon (at least according to this post).

Additionally, according to my friend Jacob those potatoes are in fact Yukon Gold and not Russet as I had thought.

Oh, before I forget; here is a picture of my assistant, Master Shake, posing with the book:

Update: The book is excellent, read through the essays and skimmed most of the recipes. Unfortunately the website does not let you enter in the serial number or whatever they are doing for registration yet, they are probably waiting for the 15th, too bad.

Fun fact though, the website stores your password in plain text and not a salted hash (not as in sea) , a clear violation of industry best practices ;), tsk tsk.

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maso4 said...

I went to high school w/ a guy named Richard Bates. His nickname was Master. Really.